Wonderland 26 October OT301

Music and dance for children and family
Doors open: 15:00 Starts: 15:15 hrs
Entrance: 5 euro adults 2 euro kids

15.15-15.45 0-3 jaar / 0-3 years old
16.15-17.00 alle leeftijden / kids of all ages (0+)

Wonderland (2006-) is a performance in which children are invited to actively participate, be stimulated, expand their own curiosity and talent, and create their own world in a playful way. The performance moves from being with for children to being with the children and offers them a carefully guided theatrical adventure. It is a special experience for their parents as well as they watch the transition of teh child from viewer to performer
Dance: Sylvain Meret, Carla Behal Valentina Campora, Makiko Ito
Music: Alfredo Genovesi, Alan Gunga Purves, Sarah Nichols
Lights: Emese Csornai