« Arcanes Majeurs » New project 2014

I want to develop a performing installation dance event, don’t sure yet how to call it and what form it will take, based on the Tarot of Jodorowsky.

I have been using this medium for my personal interests and for others. Besides the reflective aspect related to divination, my experience of the forms of vitality that are playing within the symbolism of the cards is a great place for creative and movement inputs.

This project will probably unfold through workshop as well as performances. I premiered a short solo version in Xiamen, China, 29 December 2013.

Arcanes Majeurs is an interactive performance, inspired by the Tarot desk of Marseilles. After researching, a methodology for live performance that I found in teaching and exploring the dynamic of the Dreamer and the Observer (see: https://sylvainmeret.com/movement-research/), I wanted to experience what it would be to embody these archetypal figures. It seems to me that they reflect some universal knowledge and wisdom. Besides, they represent the manifestation of « forms of vitality dynamic » (Stern, 2010), combining into a Gestalt, the expression of movement, space, time, force, and intentionality, similarly to what the medium of dance does. The improvised and interactive structure will allow the public to witness a “moment to moment” event, which might reflect and resonate with their own individual process.