Improvisation Dance / Music

Since 2002, after meeting Katie Duck, I joined the Magpie Music Dance Company and took part of the many performances and international tours; together with Katie Duck, Martin Sonderkamp, Vincent Cacialano, Eileen Standley, Michael Schumacher, Masako Noguchi, Sharon Smith…and Musicians Mary Oliver, Tristan, Honsinger, Ab Baar, Michael Moore, Han Bennick, Andy Moor…

When the company dissolved in 2006, I remained working with Katie Duck, and the second generation of improvisers based in Amsterdam: Makiko Ito, Alessandra Manasses, Manuela Tessi, Miri Lee… among others.

Improvisation performance still is my main medium of expression.

Magpie 2005

Magpie 2006


Love boat  2012 Katie Duck, Sylvain Meret, Alfredo Genovesi